All Natural and Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Easton is a unique city with a long lasting legacy ; your local carpet cleaner also is!

Anyone from Easton knows that there is no other option when it comes to serious carpet cleaning. Every now and again, some guy in a truck will come into town, operate for a few months, and then drive on because noone is willing to change from their legacy cleaning provider. We are proud to be going on our third generation of home carpet care in Easton and are ready to provide for many more generations to come. Why do people keep choosing us? See below:


Providing Consistently Good Service
When it comes to carpet cleaning the quickest way to loose clients is to cut corners. At Easton, we have made sure that that is never an option. Our technicians take pride in going the extra mile on every job.


Uniquely Fair Prices
You will never see our trucks offering $6 a room. Why? Because when you see that, it means they are going to jack up the prices on arrival 10/10 times. Don't believe us? Read for yourself.

03 Well Researched Methods
Each and every one of our technicians is well trained in the methods that we use. We follow a standard hot water extraction that is safe for nearly every type of carpet. Be warned that some types of flooring require a Dry Carpet Cleaning Method.
04 Hand made cleaning solutions
There are many mass produced cleaning agents on the market that work great in the comercials. However, these will usually sit on the production floor, in a truck, and on a shelf for months after production. Why should only infomercial producers get the fresh stuff?! We make our cleaning solutions by hand to guarrantee that we also have the good stuff!

Quality Standards


Thorough Pre-Clean

A thorough pre-clean will ensure that the final product is a spotless masterpiece. This involves specialty suction cleaning.


Hot Water Extraction

Blasting the dirt with floor safe hot water with our hand made cleaning components will get rid of most traffic wear.


Heavy Spot Treatment

The major wrap up to the process is to remove the pet stains, spills, and messes with our highly capable treatment process.